F irearms I nstruction R esearch and E ducation

Tactical Handgun 101

Randy Cain
May 29 - 31, 2021
Sat - Sun - Mon
9:00am to 5:00pm

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Randy Cain

Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen's Club
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This is the most popular 3-day course offered by Mr. Cain at his school, Cumberland Tactics.  The comprehensive curriculum encompasses all elements of basic pistol craft, including a base in the fundamentals of marksmanship, tactical manipulation, the draw-stroke, malfunction clearance, weapon retention, shooting on the move, moving targets, alternate tactical body positions, low-light shooting, and mental conditioning.  Other topics include basic one man tactics and working with a partner, and may include an introduction to team tactics.  This course is appropriate for beginners, and is also well recommended as a refresher for those with experience.

Cumberland Tactics does not regard this course as merely a 'basic class'.  Randy begins with the fundamentals, and increases the technical difficulty of each drill builds in a logical sequence over the duration of the course.  He makes every effort to analyze, diagnose, and correct even the slightest quirk in each individual's shooting technique.

 Although most training of this type is limited to shooting on flat paper targets under static range conditions, in this course a variety of three dimensional target systems are employed, which move in a more realistic manner.  The 3-D aspect of the targets require surgical shooting on vital target areas as they move, change positions, or charge at the shooter.  This is simultaneous with movement by the shooter as he/she changes the target angles, attempts to get away from the attacker, or moves to cover/concealment.  All these exercises are to help the student apply the basics, and become comfortable with dynamic movement by both the shooter and the target. 

Cost:  $600 plus $30 per day in range fees for those who are not members of the host Club.  Includes instruction, range fees, targets and range supplies.  Students to provide their own ammunition, personal gear and meals.  There are no F.I.R.E. Institute discounts for this course.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable: The balance of the Tuition is due when you show up for the class. If you must cancel out of a class, please notify us as soon as possible. Due to course demand and the difficulty of filling canceled course slots on short notice, course deposits are non-refundable. For cancellations received 30 days or more prior to class start date, you can apply your deposit to any Cumberland Tactics course within 12 months of the date of the cancelled class. Less than 30 days notice will forfeit your deposit.

Course format:  Lectures (approximately 2 hrs.), and live-fire exercises (approximately 21 hrs.).  Each student will need 600 rounds of hand gun ammunition.

Instructor:  Rangemaster will be Randy Cain.  Mr. Cain is the Director of Cumberland Tactics, Inc.  He has nearly two decades of professional firearms training experience, and holds a very rare "Instructor Certification" with Yavapai Firearms Academy.  He has been a Rangemaster at the prestigious Gunsite Academy in Arizona, and has assisted Jeff Cooper in the highly acclaimed "Masters Series" classes at Gunsite.  Mr. Cain is a registered NRA Police Firearms Instructor, has served as a police officer, SWAT team member and Training Officer.  He is also a graduate of the FBI Advanced SWAT School, and a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).  More information is available at www.guntactics.com.

Philosophy of Training:  “We believe that fundamentals are the cornerstone of survival.  The advanced techniques may only exist when built on a foundation of good, rock-solid basics.  The 'Combat Triad' consisting of Marksmanship, Gun handling, and Mindset must be automatic in order to remain mentally engaged with a changing environment.  When facing a violent attacker, it's safe to assume that the brain will have more than enough to keep it occupied.  The 'reflex response' must be programmed through repetition of the basics.  Ironically, it is usually only the truly 'advanced' student who fully appreciates the importance of continuous refocus on the basics.”  -- Randy Cain.

Class size:  Enrollment will be limited to 20 students.  Last day to enroll is 30 days prior to the course date.

Prerequisites:  None.  It is, however, expected students will have a basic familiarity with firearms.

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For questions about the course contact Randy Cain at randycain@centerfire.net.

Equipment Requirements:

There is certain equipment which is REQUIRED in every course. One may not proceed in the course without the following:

There is other equipment that is not required, but which we know from experience will enhance your experience of the course. We therefore recommend you bring the following:

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"Having a gun and thinking you are armed is like having a piano and thinking you are a musician"
------ Col. Jeff Cooper (U.S.M.C. Ret.)

This course is sponsored by the Firearms Instruction Research & Education (FIRE) Institute,
a Penna. nonprofit corporation.
Training is provided as a public service.
All students must be 18 years or older. Proof of no criminal history is required.

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